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Many years ago, communication expert and founder of EB Consulting, Esmé Brink, saw an ever increasing gap in the market where companies sought affordable marketing and communications expertise, ethical behaviour and measurable yardsticks to build their brands and sell their products and services.

A degree in Communications, resulting years of experience at various corporates and her role as Brand Manager and later Procurement Director at a well-known national retailer, gave her unique insight into marketing and communication needs from the perspective of the client.

So in 2010, armed with nothing but nerves of steel, naked ambition and an unchartered passion for communication, she embarked on a brave journey to start filling that gap. The timing of her decision collided with the continuing rise of the digital age, calling for a niche service delivery model. Although digital and brand strategy is one of our main service offerings, it is never presented in isolation, and always as part of an integrated marketing & communication offering, based on individual client needs.

Today, EB Consulting has grown from a one-woman-one-client show to an established communications agency, with a solid client base and a slightly bigger workforce.

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