Mastering your message

Marketing used to be simple, anyone with some flair for working with people or the creative could pull it off.
Even having a website used to be fairly simple. Words like integration between platforms or content generation and syndication did not exist.

As long as your website was up and running you were happy.

Then a few other things happened. SEO, Google algorithms and mobile apps, online marketing, social media, blogging and our beloved content generation and management to name but a few. Suddenly what seemed simple became somewhat more complicated.

Your communications, marketing and web providers used to be three very different companies, one taking charge of your PR, the other marketing your services and the latter your online presence, until it all became too expensive and dare we say it too complicated?

So how DO you choose a provider that is right for your business?

Have they established that you have a marketable brand?
Have they devoted time to analyse your business, market and competitors?
Have they considered strategies to generate revenue for your business from various angles?
Can they expand your website as your business grows?
Will social media be integrated into your web design?
Do you need a mobile app or an online press office?
Who managed your SEO (Search engine optimisation)
Will there be on-going maintenance of your blogs or content?

Your needs, target audience, pricing and competitors will change in the future. Oh yes, the millenials are on their way and their ideas and views of the world are much different than those you have marketed to before.

Isn't it time that you find a partner that can pull all the strings together?

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